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Our Mission

The mission of P.R. Party lines is to try and help stop drinking and driving. We provide  safe clean transportation to and from your destination and every where in-between. We do not encourage drinking but if you are going to drink we are here to help you get home safe.
A little about us

P.R. Party lines was started in 2005 by Peter Cooper and Raymond Fast. The company name comes from the founders name P is for Peter and the R is for Ray. We started this company because of the need for safe economical group transportation.

Safety is #1                      US DOT 1687497IA FMCSA Logo
P.R. Party lines is committed to safety we are one of the only bus companies in the des Moines area that conform to US DOT regulations, here look for your self. So next time you think you can get a better deal just ask them what’s their DOT number is, if they don’t have one they are  NOT LEGAL.